My Favourite Wellness Apps and Gadgets

We are lucky that as well as accessing therapy, reading self-help books we are able to have apps and devices to aid us in our wellbeing journey. The resources are endless and sometimes that may become overwhelming.

Whether you want to improve your sleep, track your fitness goals or become more mindful, there are apps for almost any goal that you want to reach.

I have compiled a list of my favourite apps and devices that I have used over the years which have helped me get back on my wellness journey.


I have been using Fitbit’s products for nearly three years. My main reason behind purchasing a Fitbit was to become more in tune with my body. I was particularly interested in the sleep monitoring aspect of the app as it would give a breakdown of how much sleep I was getting, and the different stages of sleep my body would go through.

I initially purchased the Fitbit Alta HR because the other devices seemed a little overwhelming. However, I was blown away by how easy it was to use and navigate through the app. I was particularly impressed by the automatic activity sensor. So whether I was out for a walk for an hour or cycling for 15 minutes, the device was able to detect this accurately without having to manually input this activity on the app.

I would say the activity detection was accurate about 95% of the time. With a few activities such as rowing or weightlifting, you will need to manually input your workout information. But this is very easy to do so.

Just like other fitness monitors, Fitbit devices also track steps and heart rate. With the newer models, you can also receive messages on your device, send quick replies and even connect your payment cards. Personally, purchasing a Fitbit really helped me develop an awareness of my body and how it works. For example, learning how much I was sleeping prompted me to improve my sleep routine.

You can also easily pair your Fitbit to machines in the gym as well by downloading apps used by machines and then pairing your Fitbit device in the settings section. So you can have all your fitness data synced in one place.

For those that currently have a Fitbit device, you may know that there a huge community of Fitbit users! You can also set challenges with groups of friends to see how many steps you take in a week. You can also join groups of other users around the world where they share workout routines, recipes and other tips to help you feel better in your skin.

You can purchase your Fitbit here.

Fitbit Versa 3


From Netflix to Instagram and YouTube ads, Headspace have done a great job at marketing their app. I have grown up listening to white noise playlists on YouTube, guided meditations and hypnosis. Sounds a little weird to hear about the average 15 year old listening to meditations to sleep. But for me, it was a desperate last-resort to help me sleep.

Nowadays, there are fantastic apps available to help you begin your mindfulness journey.

I first came across Headspace as I was trying to find mental health related apps on my phone’s Appstore. I downloaded the app and began to explore the site and what it had to offer.

From the get-go I was really impressed. There were short, long, guided and non-guided meditations. Story telling meditations to help you sleep are also a great feature and also an option to join guided meditations which would be live and virtually attended by other Headspace app users.

My favourite aspect of the site is that I can easily pick an activity that I need depending on the purpose. They have dedicated sections for sleep, meditation, focus and moving. What’s also great is that the site has a huge community that take part in daily live meditation sessions; it’s so nice feeling like a part of a larger movement.

What I love about this app is that it is so accessible. For those that have never meditated before, this app offers short exercises that can help you to develop the ability to become at one with your mind over time. I also love that for teachers and educators, the premium membership comes at no cost! Just sign up using your school email and enjoy. Ah, so zen.


I know this sounds a bit of weird one. But as someone in their late 20s and approaching 30, you know I had to add in a favourite kitchen gadget of mine! This blender has been my favourite to use for all things but more specifically smoothies and juices.

I also have my trusty Nutribullet for when I need a heavy duty blender, but this one is my go-to and never fails to blend my favourite fresh produce. I no longer need to worry about bits of fruit and veg for my morning glass of goodness.

If you’re one struggling to get their fruit and veg in, I recommend you purchase a good blender. Sometimes it’s just a lot more convenient to drink your favourite (or less favourite) fresh produce than to cook and eat it! Might I add, washing up is super easy!

I also love that it comes with two flasks so you can make two batches of your juice and be good for two days. It makes such a difference particularly when you’re in a rush to leave in the morning.


This is an app which I discovered after I was researching for mental health apps that could be used while trying to access therapy or just to check-in with your mental health in times of need.

I particularly loved the fact that this app was so easy to use, intuitively designed and a constant reminder of the saying ‘mind over matter’. I began using it when it was a free service a few years ago when I was struggling with intense anxiety which was making it difficult for me to fall asleep and also stay sleeping. It really helped me develop a way to calm myself down by asking a series of questions related to my thoughts and mood. It helped rationalise my thoughts and help encourage a sense of calmness within my mind.

I particularly enjoyed using the app because I was able to track how I felt about something before and after the check-in sessions provided by the app. The app was able to display, in chart form, how my mood elevated gradually since I used the app. Eventually, I felt as though I did not need the app as I felt as if I was better able to self-soothe because of what I had learned.

You can download Youper on Android or on the Apple appstore and subscribe for their year-long packages which can help you in your journey towards better mental health.

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