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Hi everyone and a very merry Christmas to those who were celebrating, and to those who weren’t I hope you enjoyed the  festive films! I know I enjoyed them, especially The Snowman, Finding Nemo, Fred Claus, Four Christmases and Chicken Run.

And yes judging by the title of this post you’ve probably guessed right; I did get into University back in August and since then, a lot has changed:

– I changed the course I wanted to study at University at the very last minute to Psychology from International relations, mainly because I didn’t see myself studying something I enjoyed reading in the Evening Standard or Al Jazeera once in a while…

– I’ve stopped working part-time to concentrate on my studies. This turned out to be one of the worst decisions that I have ever made. I’ve become so lazy it’s crazy. 🙁

– I’m having to ‘budget’, this isn’t really going well for me but I’m hoping I stick to it in the new year (new year’s woohoo!)

– I got my own phone contract (this seems so lame lol but yes I stuck to the good ol’ PAYG system before)

– I’ve been getting help for my ‘problems’ and frankly I’m doing very well so far

But yes, so far so good’ish…

In the first two months of Uni I felt incredibly unsure about what I actually wanted to do, I guess I was pretty bombarded with all the reading, lectures and revision that I had to get done as well as getting to grips with note-taking. I did drive my parents round the bend as well with my indecisiveness. That being said, I did end up doing well in my assignments that I was so worried about so I guess wondering about whether or not I had made the right decision to Uni was a bit useless, but this is something I will be working on and try and avoid for further decisions.

Anyways, I’ve made quite a lot of friends at uni which I didn’t think I would be doing since I was fairly satisfied with the circle I already had. The people in my course are so outgoing and frankly it did help knowing that I wasn’t the only one being bombarded with assignments and failing to take readable notes during the lectures… (see below an example of the kind of writing I had when note taking).


Meeting new people helped me to go out of my usual comfort zone. Funnily enough, a lot of the friends I made in my course were those who approached me whilst queuing up for our first lecture. I was the sort of ‘anti-social’ one who just pulled out her phone when she saw a crowd build up at the entrance to the lecture hall. <– That makes me sound extremely anti-social but I’m not the type. I guess it was nerves and anxiety about starting university which made me feel weirdly quiet.

Since parting from my friends I have been keeping in touch with them. Again, another thing which I thought would be impossible to do since it has become so incredibly hard to move my schedule around to put a date aside but yes the odd ‘reunions’ or the ‘screaming across the street and running to each other like a long-distance-relationship-couple reunion’ slightly embarrassing but its totally necessary… Speaking of my friends I will be meeting them this week for a spot of ice-skating (pray for me) and some dinner before the new year comes and my friends have to travel back to their student accommodation.

To be honest, my life has sort of revolved around uni and keeping up with the demands. It’s pretty sad that my hobbies including reading books (apart from text books) have no longer been maintained. I have however, become increasingly motivated to keep in shape as my weight does seem to fluctuate quite a lot which I am hoping to sort out especially with the new year approaching soon. My Mum and I have become extremely motivated recently on keeping fit, especially since my parents who both suffer from Arthritis. For me, losing weight the healthy way will make me feel and look much more better in contrast to how I have ended up feeling terrible and looking frail with previous unhealthy attempts to ‘get slim’.

I’ve also tried to keep on top of my depression and feelings of low moods every now and then. Since I have been seeking help for the mood swings as well as trying to keep up a healthy image of myself I have seen a great difference in my mood as well as my relationships with my family and I feel ecstatic because that is something which I have longed for a couple of years. There is still a lot of work to be done but the first step to ‘recovery’ has been taken :’).

But yes, that has so far been my update in the last couple of months. I hope I didn’t bore you but if you’ve managed to read up to here you must be hooked on to something! Right this moment it is 12:20am and it seems to be raining outside. I should be sleeping to wake up for the sales tomorrow but I don’t want to be pushed into a shop by a mob of ‘sale sniffers’ (my word LOL) like I was a few years back in Oxford Street. Maybe I’ll take a trip to a different shopping location..




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