Ramadan and Results Day 2013

As the coming students within the UK are lucky enough to be bombarded with a loan of around 27 grand for a degree, no wonder students are penny pinching and worried about how they’re going to make it through their student life.

That being said however, as a student myself and having applying to university, a part of me is anticipating the thrill of being a new student at an enormous institution.

The practiced ice breakers coming into effect when trying to mingle and make friends during Fresher’s Fair. Receiving that first installment of the student grant and maintenance loans, which for many of students coming from lower class backgrounds will be a great welcoming present, and sort of reassurance that it’s not all doom and gloom.

It’s the 5th of August 2013 and also 10 days before the all important results day for A Levels.

Despite trying to stay calm as possible and not stress for that day, I can’t help thinking of the endless possibilities that can arise if I do or don’t get my admission. As every other student, the ‘what ifs’ of results do bother us.

If I don’t get what I hope to receive, despite being slightly disappointed I will keep my chin up and move forward. Luckily I have no pressure to go to university, and I have looked into alternatives just in case all does not go well.

Anyway, enough for today. It is close to the end of Ramadhan for Muslims around the world and so the preparations of Eid are under way.

It is a custom to exchange money and gifts although the latter is much more prominent in this day and age, mainly for convenience. Up until adulthood children receive money from elderly relatives and family friendly as a way to encourage as well as congratulate children who are old enough to fast.
This year as the fasts were much longer and harder as being in the middle of a scorching summer, my predictions say that the rewards spiritually would be much higher.

And hard it truly was! But definitely worth it 🙂

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