If Money Were No Object

The other day I came across a YouTube video which was made to help those at a point in life finding difficulty in deciding on a career path. Understandably, as someone in their early 20s with endless opportunities and careers out there, it is arguably a very overwhelming and stressful situation to be in, and one which those still struggle with throughout their lives.

The video was based on thinking about careers and keeping money and wealth out of the equation. At the end of they day, when we have all the money earned from our careers and have fulfilled all the material desires of our heart. What will drive us to get up and go to our jobs and to enjoy them?

This is something that really inspired me to write this post. A lot of people especially from certain cultures really emphasize the money earning aspect of a potential career. That’s not to say that money should be the last of our priorities, but we have to remember that if we choose to follow something that we have a passion for and excel it, perfect it, then we will be able to make a fortune out of it.
Now the thing with me is that over the years, even though I have changed my career goals, there has been one thing that I have always wanted to do and I have seen myself done on a much smaller scale than what I yearn to do. And that, my fellow readers is to inspire people.

I want to show people how they can unlock their true potential, how they can grasp the opportunities that are out there and really achieve the very best. Something that I am quite passionate about is education and really inspiring children and believing in them and their abilities to succeed. Being believed in by someone is so important and since young children spend majority of their week in the school environment, the potential for the exposure to really make a positive impact is endless!

There are several careers that I can take up such as Teaching, Life Coaching, Nursing, Midwifery, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Academic Tutoring.. its just picking the right one that is the issue. Let’s hope I can make my mind up!

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