The Ones Left Behind – My Thoughts

Trigger warning: This post will discuss topics such as suicide, depression and bereavement. Please practice self care when reading this post. If you feel that these topics may trigger you, please click on any other of my blog posts. It’s been quite a tough few weeks. The world has seen a huge loss of life…

When Life Gives you Lemons, read this.

Are you overwhelmed? Are you hopeless? Feelings like your life is taking a turn for the worst? Here are three things that will help you feel better when you’re stuck in a rut or struggling with something you feel is beyond your control.

From Grey to Great – My 5 Favourite Pastimes

Stuck in a rut? Not sure what to do when feeling blue? I share five things I do to pick myself up. From moving my body to challenging my culinary skills. There’s something for everyone!

Don’t touch your phone after you wake up – Here’s why

How many of you reached for your phones first thing in the morning? …quite a lot of us, right? Now, how many of you have regretted opening up an email, notification or message because it set your mood off negatively? Research by the IDC found that upon waking, 80% of smartphone owners check their phones…

How to make the most of therapy

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and start therapy sessions. Congratulations! The next thing to consider is how you can get the most of your sessions. Why it is important to make the most of your sessions? For many of us therapy sessions can be limited to a few weeks worth of sessions so…

Why Therapy?

In today’s post I cover my experience of therapy and why you should consider it too.

Surviving Rock Bottom – My 3 Top Tips

Picking yourself up is probably one of the hard things in life. It is in the nature of life for it to be unexpected. To have curveballs throwing you off course. For things to not go to plan. As the average 20-something growing in the UK, I can pretty much share many of the issues…

Humari Izzat – Dear South-Asian Culture… ہماری عزت#

Dear South-Asian culture, My earliest memory of being engrossed in you is when I would visit Pakistan as child and be surrounded by so many relatives: grandparents; aunties; uncles and cousins. I felt a big connection to you because there were things in Pakistan that I would not be able to have in the UK….